This is where I live in the brain. Tucked away near the Hippocampus. ‘Amygdala’ in Latin means ‘Almond’ but that doesn’t mean I’m a nut…even if I do act like one sometimes. From here I’m in the perfect place to affect every other part of your brain!




Fear is what I’m mainly incharge of. I react to anything strange or different. I then make suggestions to your mind to...


or just, RUN AWAY.

Of course you can ignore me with the help of Neocortex,but it's not always that easy...

Imagine if you didn't have any fear?


If you had no fear all of the time you might...

just hit people!                         Run into a busy road.                Touch something you shouldn't.     Eat something bad.     

Can you think of other problems you would have if you had no fear?


So there you have it. I am the Amygdala and I only care for you.

Don't forget to check out the Journey To The Centre Of The Brain resource pack. It's HERE ( and I'm on page 13)