First theatre

Since 2004 MakeBelieve Arts have been devising shows to take into schools all over the U.K. We call it First Theatre because we believe that giving children their first chance to see real theatre performances is very important. Our shows are fully interactive, all inclusive, packed with facts and above all else, are FUN. We think that learning becomes easier if it's interesting, don't you?


In 2011 MakeBelieve Arts were funded by the Wellcome Trust to begin devising First Theatre shows that brought science to life. Our aim with these shows is to make science fun and easier to understand. Below you will find the trailors and scripts of our previous science shows.


giant tours (2012)

So you have a giant staying with you on an exchange scheme. Can you work out how much she should eat? What if she gets ill? What happens to food once it's inside us? What if the Giant council wants to talk to her?


perchance to dream (2015)

Why do we have to sleep? There's so much more interesting things to do rather than go to bed. And why do we need so much of it? What would happen I wonder, if I didn't go to sleep at all...