what is the temporal lobe?


Temporal Lobe.jpg

I am your 'emotion man'

I take in all the sights and sounds of any moment and work out what's going on. I then listen to my good friend the Amygdala. She tells me how she is feeling, like being scared or in danger or just calm. I then give you the emotion for the situation that I think will work. That's why when there are a lot of sad people around, you feel sad. Maybe you're at a party and the cake and presents turn up and everyone is happy, so you are happy. If someone gets hurt, you will feel sorry for them or perhaps you hear your favourite song and will sing along loudly to it. That's me, helping you to make that choice. After all, you don't want to laugh at someone tripping over...do you?

this is where i live in the brain

I live right by the Amygdala at the base of the brain, just behind the eyes. I am called the Temporal Lobe. 'Temporal' comes from the Latin 'Time' and sort of means acting for this moment, or doing things right now. 'Lobe' comes from the Latin for 'pod' and means a round sticky out bit, like your ear lobes. So, I guess you could say that I'm a 'Time Pod'.

Temp. Lobe brain.jpg



Look at these four people (I'm sure I have seen them before, but where?).

Look quickly. How do you think they are feeling?

Now, look again but closely, take your time. Have you changed your mind?

This is your Amygdala and Temporal Lobe working things out for you.

So there you have it. I am your Temporal Lobe, your Emotion Man.

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