What is the neocortex?

Thanks for getting your thoughts together and working out how to visit my page.

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My job is to take in all the information gathered by the brain and work out the best way of using it. I control movement and language and thinking. I solve problems using the information given to me and if it doesn't work, then I'll try a different way. I'm sort of the manager, the conductor, thedirector of your thoughts. I am the newest part of the brain to evolve and am only found in mammals.


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I live at the top of the brain, wrapping myself around everything else.             My name comes from the Greek word 'Neos' which means 'new' and the Latin word 'cortex' which means 'outer' or 'bark' like in a tree.                                So, I am the 'New Tree' spreading its roots and ideas and of course, I'm the only part of the brain that got to choose it's own name!

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What have you worked out lately? A puzzle? A computer game? How to make the bed?                                   Have you named a pet or written a story recently?                                                  Or perhaps you've sung a song or learned how to play a musical instrument.                                       Maybe you've helped to sort out a problem situation?                                We did that together. We are great together.

So, there you go. I am the Neocortex the thinking part of your brain.

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